Do affordable dental implants exist?

Why dental implants?

The advantages of dental implants over other dental treatment solutions are many:

  • They do not compromise the adjacent teeth.
  • They help prevent bone loss.
  • They help preserve your facial structure.
  • They enable natural chewing and enjoyment of food.
  • They are easier to clean and maintain.
  • They are more comfortable than dentures and feel more natural.
  • They boost confidence.
  • They are a permanent, life-long solution.
  • They are more economical in the long run.

After care

If you want your implant to be successful and last a really long time, you have to take good care of them. They are not difficult to clean, but you should take as much care as you would for natural teeth. Your dental team will guide you on the best possible way to look after your implants. In fact, not looking after your implants properly can result in gum disease just as easily as with natural teeth. Smoking can also affect the condition of your implants. You need to take extra care of your implants if you are a smoker. Some dentists refuse to fit implants in people who smoke.

Teeth that are attached to implants can only be removed or fitted by dentists. But if removable dentures are attached to implants, you can take them out yourself to clean them.

Do affordable dental implants exist?

Yes, they do. Dental implants have come a long way from both the technology and business standpoints. As technology evolves, implant companies, dental labs, and dentists are all able to realize efficiencies in time and cost. Those savings can improve the bottom lines for all of us.

What are the factors that influence the price?

  1. The Cost of Dental Implant PartsBy purchasing dental implants in bulk and using clinical teaching experience dental implant companies are able to offer patients implants at a discounted price.
  2. The Cost of Laboratory FeesDue to the high volume of cases, dental implants companies can get wholesale laboratory fees for their crowns which can help them to significantly reduce their prices for dental implant restorations.
  3. Dentist Fee Per HourNow the only factor left to determine the price of a dental implant is how much a dentist wants to charge for their services. Just like any other business, dentistry is service based and dentists choose how to mark up their own fees, regardless of their skill or expertise. Many dentist, especially ones in affluent neighborhoods, charge marked up prices for their services because they think they can get away with it.

The average price for dental implants is $2600, and some dentist charge over $9500 for the same exact product! But there are large dental clinics that specialize on dental implants and they offer low dentist fees.

The best way to find affordable dental implants is to make your own research. Dental implants are usually very expensive but nowadays it is possible to find an affordable price.



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