The path to recovery starts with selecting the right rehab center

Drug addiction is not necessary the end of the story. According to American Addiction Association, nearly 39% of all adults battled an illicit drug use disorder 2017. At the same time, almost 74% of adults are suffering from a substance use disorder and/or an alcohol use disorder. These numbers are truly terrifying. However, with professional help and guidance, the downward spiral addiction effect can be managed. The key is to find the right rehab center.

The huge increase in substance abuse and addiction in the USA has resulted in the proliferation of drug and alcohol rehab centers in almost every town and city, cross-country. Unfortunately, there are still way too many addicts who do not seek recourse at these centers. And there are still too many who relapse even after treatment.

A relapse can occur for various reasons, but more often than not, it happens because a comprehensive treatment plan has not been followed, or due to some underlying mental health issue. These problems can be pre-empted at a drug and alcohol rehab center by initiating a detailed assessment of the client to reach an accurate diagnosis. This enables medical professionals to chalk out a comprehensive treatment plan, including therapeutic and medical care, possibly using both traditional and alternative treatment. The treatment plan may call for admission into a drug and alcohol rehab center.

What happens at a drug and alcohol rehab center?

It is extremely important to choose the correct rehab facility. You may just want to opt for the first name you find, especially if it is a free clinic funded by the state – but don’t. Although most rehab facilities use similar treatment protocols, you need to find one that meets your specific needs and budget. This will ensure that your treatment is successful, even in the long term.

Choosing the right treatment facility requires thorough due diligence. Prepare a check list of your requirements and learn what the clinic has, to offer:

  • What therapies do they offer to treat addiction?
  • How qualified and skilled are the medical professionals at the facility, at every level?
  • Can they meet your specific needs?
  • What is their attitude like towards clients? Are they understanding? Compassionate? Patient? Professional?
  • Do they carry out a really comprehensive assessment of patients at the outset?
  • How well equipped are their inpatient and outpatient facilities?
  • Do they provide any follow-up treatment after the completion of the addiction program?
  • Do they offer any support groups?
  • What insurance plans do they accept?

This checklist must comprise your initial due diligence into drug and alcohol rehab centers. Compile and collate the information you gather before you shortlist the ones you want to check out personally, to then arrive at an informed decision.


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